Natural Cowhide Rugs

A natural cowhide rug is a classic staple, often part of open floor plans, defining areas in the absence of traditional walls and connecting spaces between glass windows that expose wild terrain to streamlined interiors. 

What makes a natural cowhide rug a classic modern staple? In a word, everything. The unique shape, texture and expression of each piece balances the considered sight lines and surfaces associated with modernism. In fact, Julius Schulman, the modernist photographer documented spaces where natural cowhide rugs served as an artful way to blend the indoors and outdoors in many significant architectural projects, as early as the 1940’s.

Our cowhide rugs are first selects, meaning every one of them has been chosen for Pure with a designer’s eye in mind, and an understanding that it may be a component or even the foundation to building a great interior experience. 

Pure is arguably the most trusted source for the finest quality cow hide rugs by discerning architects, and designers. You’ll often see our products in Dwell, Architectural Digest, Nest, and more and more homeowners, and decorators, are gravitating to the natural beauty and rustic charm that hide rugs crafted from real cow hides bring to any room or office space. All of our cow hide rugs are hand selected with particular attention to offering a variety of options in familiar colors and natural patterns including: White Cowhide, Brindle Cowhide, Brown & White Cowhide, Beige Cowhide, Camel Cowhide, Black Cowhide, Grey Cowhide, or Tricolor Cowhide.