Pure Rugs

About Pure Rugs

Pure is a Los Angeles based design studio offering the most desirable collection of modern cowhide and sheepskin rugs. Our exclusive designs instantly enhance any space with a touch of luxury and comfort. Aside from the items in our collection, we also work closely with architects and designers to create custom patterns and colors for a wide range of projects such as homes, hotels, and yachts.



As a team of architects and leather artisans, we are committed to quality materials and construction. No detail is left behind. Each step of the process is important, from individually selecting only perfect hides, to working with environmentally conscious tanneries, to using only traditional tanning methods. Our handcrafted patchwork rugs and Poufs are stitched -- never glued to any backing -- ensuring that you are buying a lasting and timeless piece.

Patagonia Sheep


All Pure hides are sourced from animal farming from food consumption. Rather than creating more waste, we maintain a strong philosophy of resourcefulness and sustainability. Every material that we use to construct our patchwork rugs is 100% biodegradable and natural. We work only with tanneries that are ISO-14001 certified, so we can guarantee that each of our cowhides, sheepskins, and shearlings, comes from an environmentally conscious source.