Patchwork Cowhide Rugs

While each cowhide rug, is unique in expression, shape and size, our collection of patchwork cowhide rugs extend the classic look and feel, combining nature with structure.

Each patchwork cowhide rug can be designed to size specifications, and will be selectively sourced and custom made upon order. Pure’s in-house architects have worked directly with clients and designers for the past 12 years, creating unique patchwork rugs for home and commercial use, connecting the natural charm and sensibility of natural cowhide rugs into geometric symmetry to help define areas within any size room.

Our patchwork cowhide rugs are created from complimentary pieces, precisely measured and planned, crafted exclusively for Pure with a designer’s eye in mind, and an understanding that each one may be a component or even the foundation to building a great interior experience.


You can also combine our patchwork area rugs with many other unique rug designs that can work in any interior space. In addition to patchwork rugs, we also offer natural cowhide rugs, sheepskin rugs and hides, and pouf chairs, all of which are designed to bring light, texture, comfort and a sense of specialness into everyday live/work experiences.

Pure is arguably the most trusted source for the finest quality cow hide rugs by discerning architects, and designers. You’ll often see our patchwork cowhides in Dwell, Architectural Digest, Nest, and more and more homeowners, and decorators are gravitating to the natural beauty and rustic charm that hide rugs crafted from real cow hides bring to any room or office space. While all of our cowhides are first selects, the patchworks require particular attention to color selection, offering a variety of options in familiar tones and natural patterns to allow custom sizing and structure to suit any space. The most common patterns and colors include: White Cowhide, Brindle Cowhide, Brown & White Cowhide, Beige Cowhide, Camel Cowhide, Black Cowhide, Grey Cowhide, or Tricolor Cowhide.