Pouf Chair Espresso

Pouf Chair Espresso

Want something to love? Pure Rugs has taken the classic beanbag and “poufed” it. The Pouf is made of the finest and most luxurious Patagonian sheepskin. So soft you will feel as you disappear in a cloud. This sheepskin lounge chair is a great way to create a compellingly soft contrast against wooden, limestone or raw material floors. The Pouf comes with a rich tan leather base and is filled with flame retardant beads.

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Material: Natural Patagonian Sheepskin
Base: Vegetable-tanned leather
Filler: Special flame-retardant Styrofoam beads
Primary Use: As a lounge chair



Our sheepskin is exceptionally soft and plush. The sheep are bred and raised on the grassy plains and cool mountain air of Patagonia, Argentina. For generations, we’ve tanned our hides using only traditional tanning methods of the region. The plush pile is approximately 2.5”-3” thick.

Use & Care

An occasional shaking will remove dust and debris, and keep the Pouf looking soft and plush. Occasionally brushing it with a wire brush is recommended to restore pile. Keep sheepskin away from direct sunlight when possible to avoid color fading. Spills may be wiped off immediately with a damp sponge and warm water. As we use a special type of filler beads for our products, you may contact us for a referral to our preferred supplier and for instructions on refilling your Pouf. The Poufs can be taken to your local fur cleaning for a deep cleaning every few years to restore shine and softness.